A Management Overview of coding

All too frequently a Programmer is left to make code, without standards or quality assurance. It is only after a significant issue that the months and sometimes, the decades of programming are shown to be worthless. Some control on the code being produced is essential – and that begins with a well recorded Coding Standard. However busy you are, a Coding Standard is going to be a time saver in the long term – it is essential to good programming. Coding Standards and programming productivity precede hand-in-hand. Sticking to a Coding Standard will result in a substantial increase in development productivity, whatever the programming language. A consistently applied set of Coding conventions will standardize the structure and coding style of an application, so a developer can easily read and understand other developers’ code, in addition to their own code.

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Fantastic Coding Standards Result in accurate, readable, and unambiguous source code that is consistent and as intuitive as is possible. The object of a Coding Standard is to make the program simple to read domycoding.com and comprehend without cramping the developer’s natural creativity with excessive limitations and arbitrary limitations. Following a Coding Standard will boost productivity, not to system growth, but boost productivity in improving and maintaining systems also. And it is also very important to control maintenance costs- these can constitute the majority of the lifetime cost of applications. To reduce the high Maintenance cost, it is vital to have code written that can be easily deciphered and improved by another programmer in your business.

This is vital, as usually hardly any software is preserved by the original programmer. All the programmers should agree on the Coding Standard. Once agreement was reached, the Standard has to be enforced, as part of quality assurance. Using the agreed coding techniques and great programming practices play and significant role in software quality and functionality by consistently applying a well-defined Coding Standard, a group of developers working on a software project is more likely to yield excellent software system code that is intelligible, error free, economical and maintainable. The code must be created so that it is easy for other developers to understand. It should not be written only with only the computer in your mind. The code should be readily readable, with a great deal of white space.

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