How does a Prepaid Visa Gift Card work?

We live in the digital age and use facilities which can make our life simple to a great extent. Carrying cash in the pocket is not advisable for obvious reasons and this has led to the widespread popularity of plastic money. Gifting people with prepaid gift cards is also the latest fad that has gathered much momentum in recent years. These cards work as well as cash gifts for the receiver as they get the advantage to purchase their choice. One such product is the Prepaid Visa Gift Card.

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Prepaid gift cards are the best methods to gift friends, family, and relatives. It is a card that is pre-loaded and can be used by the receiver as he or she wanted but is limited to the balance of the card. The best format in this sphere is that neither the giver nor the receiver of the card is a customer of the bank or the financial institution to which the card belongs.

How to get a prepaid visa gift card?

A gift card form has to be filled in the bank. The bank branch or the financial institution will make avail of the card for the customer. The existing bank customers can avail of the facility through their net banking portal or phone banking. The form should bear the details of the giver and the receiver. The amount to be gifted should be mentioned along with the bank details for the giver so that the said amount will be debited from the respective account. If another mode is payment like check or DD is made, then it should be stated. The purpose of gifting should also be mentioned in the form.

What are the benefits of prepaid visa gift card?

  • It is one of the most convenient and the best modes of gifting to the near and dear ones. This is because the card is loaded with the amount which the giver wants to gift to the receiver. Hence there is no need to gift aimless and useless gifts to the receiver as the receiver can use the money or balance in the card as per his or her wish. It is an absolute value for money gift because the receiver will use it to buy the gift of his or her choice.
  • The gift card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.
  • It can be used for online and offline shopping. Thus, the receiver stands to benefit. Each time the purchase is done, the amount is deducted from the card and the card can further be used until the balance amount is exhausted.
  • There are some departmental stores and bill payment centers also where such cards are entertained. Thus, the receiver can easily make use of such cards to pay the bills as well. The convenient quotient attached with such cards is very high which has led to the deeper penetration of such elements in recent years. Visa is a very reliable name and network-attached with such facilities.

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